Episode 18: I Want To Live

Episode 18: I Want To Live

This episode is dedicated to our Nana, Celest in honor of her 95th birthday this May. Susan Hayward is her favorite actress and this is one of her favorite performances. Nana is strong lady that has lived all over the world, she ran the first self service gas station in Austin TX, the youngest of 8 children, mother 5, queen of sass and the biggest flirt you will ever meet. She defied gender norms by dressing like a boy, playing baseball and wanting to go to war and fight. Happy Birthday Nana. We will have a special patreon episode talking with nana about this movie.

Released in 1958
Written by Nelson Gidding and Don Mankiewicz
Directed by Robert Wise
Starting Susan Hayward

The movie was adapted from letters written by Graham and newspaper articles written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ed Montgomery. –Wikipedia

The film earned a net profit of $2,455,570


Crime Junkies podcast
True Crime Obsessed podcast

The Staircase
Written and Directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade

Written and directed by Patty Jenkins
Staring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci


Bill Walker The Case of Barbara Graham.
Kathleen A. Cairns’  Proof of Guilt: Barbara Graham and the Politics of Executing Women in America,



John Oliver on the death penalty 
*Warning lots of curse words NSFW

June 14 we will be talking with Doug McCambridge from the podcast Good Times Great Movies. But we need your help. Good times Great movies explores the good, the bad and everything else in 80’s movies so we wanted to draw on Doug’s valuable knowledge. We want to know which Whoopie Goldberg movie from 1987 you have  been dying to hear us talk about. Fatal Beauty where she plays a cop or Burglar where she plays the burglar. The poll will be up on twitter and facebook or you can email us your vote. We will announce the winning movie on our next episode. And be sure to check good times, great movies. It is one of my recent podcast obsessions. 

June 28 Interview with author Michele W. Smith to talk about her new book Widows-in-Law. It is a mystery that looks at the relationship between a mom, her daughter and the stepmom as they try to stay alive after the man that links them all is killed. So if you would like to read the book before that episode comes out you can get it at stores or online and there is also an audio book version. 

Noir City city Austin is happening this weekend at the Alamo Draft House Ritz. We’ll be there with Cole and Ericca from the Magic Lantern Podcast so come see some great films and say hi. 

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